Nano Silver

Our premium quality face masks are reusable,
durable and washable


They are a fashionable triple layer mask that is light weight and absorbable.
Our masks are breathable, droplet proof and anti-bacterial thus reducing maskne (facial irritation/acne caused by wearing masks)

Our masks have an X Static fibre which contains, silver fibres which are anti-static and also reduce odours.
Our comfortable stylish masks come in a wide range of colours
Our masks have been tried and tested by one of Irelands leading Universities and they are currently been used by their students

CE approved

Simple tips to prevent maskne include the following:

  •  Wash your mask regularly
  •  Cleanse your skin daily and ensure your face is clean before you put your mask on
  •  Ensure your skin is well moisturised, to prevent dehydration
  •  Avoid using skin products that can irritate your skin on the day you are wearing your mask such as retinol and benzyl peroxide
  •  Avoid using make up when wearing a mask, as make up can block pores and cause break outs, which is more common when wearing a mask

Nano Silver Technology Masks

9.95 ex VAT